Red Light District of Pattaya - Beer Bars
Guided Tour of the Beer Bars in Pattaya’s Red Light Districts

Our Red Light District Tours in Brief

Below is a very brief overview of each red light district tour, with a link to the full details.

Pattaya Red Light District Tour

This tour is a three-night guided tour that takes you to a wide variety of beer bars, go-go bars and nightlife entertainment spots. You will experience the larger and more prominent go-go bars and beer bars of Walking Street and Southern Pattaya. In addition, we also take you to a sample selection from the thousands of smaller, often cheaper and more friendly, go-go bars and beer bars found scattered throughout the outer Pattaya region. You will go where many tourists do not go. Where the girls are friendly but not as pushy. You will have the opportunity to chat with some of the expats that frequent these locations and get an idea of what life in Pattaya is really like for an expat that has chosen to live in Thailand.

Follow this link to find more details on our Pattaya Nightlife Tour.

Bangkok Red Light District Tour

This tour is a two-night guided tour that takes you to PatpongSoi Cowboy and Nana Plaza which are the three primary red light districts of Bangkok. You will be taken to both large and small go-go bars and beer bars in these three areas, and maybe even go dancing with some of the beautiful Thai ladies that work in, or frequent the area.

Follow this link to find more details on our Bangkok Nightlife Tour.

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