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Pattaya Thai Bar Girls and Nightlife Tour

The Pattaya Thai Bar Girls and Nightlife Tour is a three night tour. It takes you through the largest and most diverse red light district in Thailand. On this tour you will have ample opportunity to meet, and to chat with, many beautiful Thai girls.

The Pattaya Thai Bar Girls and Nightlife Tour is one of our guides favorite tours. When you visit a bar in Pattaya, whether it be in one of the larger go-go bars in Walking Street Pattaya or in one of the smaller suburban beer bars, you will notice something special about the Thai bar girls of Pattaya. Firstly, you will notice that the vast majority of them appear young and beautiful. Then you will notice that regardless of how much (or how little) she is wearing, a Pattaya lady is certain to be wearing that special “Thai Smile”.

Of the many red light areas of Pattaya, Walking Street is by far the best known, but Walking Street is only a small fraction of the total Pattaya Nightlife. There are so many beer bars, go-go bars, massage parlors, discos and sports bars in Pattaya and surrounds, that if you visited just one every night, you would be here for several years before you needed to visit one for the second time.

By the time you had visited them all, many of them would have been through several changes of ownership and refurbishment so it would be considered a different bar. In other words you would likely die here before you finished. You would however die knowing a lot about Pattaya. From the expats I have seen and spoken to in Pattaya, that is not an uncommon experience. Although our guides do have their favorites that they will take you to, they do try to visit a few new ones every week. (tough job. really tough)

Tour Overview

Beach Road and Walking Street

You will often see Thai Bar Girls on beach road Pattaya

You will often see Thai Bar Girls on beach road

The first night commences with a late afternoon stroll along beach road, where we drop in to some of the beer bars and have a quiet drink and a chat with the delightful Pattaya girls. On the way back, your guide will most likely take you past some ladies (or are they?) that work free-lance along the promenade. You will also be given the opportunity to experience a ride on a baht bus.

We grab a bite to eat as we make our way to the most well-known area in Pattaya, which is Walking Street. Stretching from the south end of Beach Road to the Bali Hai Pier, it is shut off to traffic during the evening. Walking Street has raunchy shows, go-go bars, beer bars, competing stereos and lots of booze which flows into one vast mixing pot to form this huge party zone called Walking Street Pattaya. Add to that an army of beautiful smiling friendly Pattaya Girls and any guy, with blood in his veins, would feel the sense of excitement.

If only for the “I’ve seen it” experience and not the ‘I’ve done it’ pleasure, it has to be experienced at least once in a lifetime. And not just by the guys.

It is not possible to experience all the delights of Walking Street and surrounds in one night so your guide will most likely stroll along the full length of Walking Street with you while pointing out some of the most notable features. As you walk, your guide will discuss with you a variety of possible locations to visit, and select the ones that will best match your preferences and the preferences of the group.

The range of things to do and see will cover everything from a relaxed (note I did not say quiet) drink at a bar, as you engage in some people watching through to the other extreme where you can witness the Pattaya Girls doing things with fruit, balloons, ping-pong balls and cigarettes that you would definitely not tell your mother about. But then, on second thoughts, a lot of these Pattaya girls are already mothers, and I have heard them talk to their families about things that I would most certainly not discuss with my family.

For a more detailed list of what is available on Walking Street and the adjoining side streets and allies, take a look at our dedicated Walking Street page.

Beer Bars and go-go Bars of Pattaya Outlying Areas

On the second day in Pattaya we put on some wheels in the mid-late afternoon, then start a tour of the many smaller to medium-sized beer bars and go-go bars in the outer regions of Pattaya. These bars are often frequented by the local expats. You do not often see the short stay tourists at these bars. They are different in many ways to the larger bars in the central area of Pattaya and attract a different clientele. Here you will see the smaller bars where the proprietor is often seen serving the drinks with the Thai bar girls. In the bigger bars, in the high tourist areas, it is common that a tourist will only visit the bar once and the bar owner will try to bleed as much as possible from every tourist customer. In these smaller suburban beer bars they rely more on repeat business and there is not that need to bleed all they can on the first visit. It is a more personal atmosphere and it is not uncommon for all the girls to be on a first name basis with the regular customers. There are even a few of the specialist sporting bars often patronized by the expat golfers that it would be a rare occurrence that a customer would ask to bar fine one of the Thai girls. However it is not uncommon that an expat may make friends with one of the Thai bar girls and start a romantic relationship in much the same way as would happen in an Australian bar.

Once the sun is well down below the horizon we then venture back into the South Pattaya red light district for a tour of some of the more interesting beer bars, go-go bars, sports bars and massage parlors in the many Sois (lanes) that form the maze of this famous party town of Pattaya.

The Pattaya Party Continues

We normally start day three with a light evening meal in an upstairs cafe overlooking beach road. Your guide will discuss the highlights of the previous two evenings with you before formulating a plan on which places to visit from the remaining hundreds of establishments that it is possible to experience in Pattaya. It is not unusual for some of the group to choose to go back to re-visit a favorite or two from the first two nights, while other groups may wish to continue the variety tour and cram as much diversity into the night as is humanly possible. Some may have even experienced a fluttering of the heart and wish to invite one of the Thai girls to accompany them for the final night of the tour. This is acceptable and generally adds to the overall enjoyment of the entire group. Normally if you ask a Thai Girl if she has a preferred place to visit, she will simply say “up to you” but whatever the locations the guide chooses for your group, you can be assured it will be an experience you will change the way you look at life.

The above YouTube video plays the “Pattaya Pattaya” song and shows some candid shots of a Pattaya Lady-boy show, a go-go bar in Walking Street, many other sites you will possibly see on our tour.

The lyrics of the Pattaya Pattaya song are:

Pattaya, Pattaya,
Pattaya, Pattaya,

Took a trip to Thailand,
The land of million smiles,
Made a stop in Bangkok, so easy so nice,
It’s too far for Phuket, with my money pocket…
I’ll go to Pattaya,

Pattaya, Pattaya, Phuuying love you mak mak,

Go Tony, Hollywood, Marine Bar Disco,
Get excited at X-Zite, welcome in Buffalo,
When it’s raining Phuket,
It’s more fun when you get,
The night in Pattaya,

Pattaya, Pattaya, Phuuying love you mak mak,

Be sure to see some of the sites,
Spend the day on the beach,
The night is the night,

Handsome man, very chic,
I like you, very big, sexy man, Pattaya,

Pattaya, Pattaya,
Pattaya, Pattaya, Phuuying love you mak mak,

Go Tony, Hollywood, Marine Bar Disco,
Get excited on X-Zite, welcome in Buffalo,

Handsome man, very chic,
I like you, very big, sexy man, Pattaya,

Pattaya, Pattaya, Phuuying love you mak mak,
Pattaya, Pattaya, Phuuying love you mak mak,

Mr. Sexy man in Pattaya
Pattaya, Pattaya, Pattaya, Pattaya,

Visit a Pattaya go-go bar, chat with the Pattaya girls, learn how to identify the Pattaya lady-boys, take a stroll down Walking Street in Pattaya and check out a go-go bar, or have a massage. Take the Pattaya Thai Bar Girls and Nightlife Tour to do all of this and more.